United Association Condemns the Murder of George Floyd

Monday, June 1, 2020

United Association Condemns the Murder of George Floyd

Statement from UA General President Mark McManus:

The members of the United Association of Union Plumbers and Pipefitters (UA) have watched in horror and agony as once again the death of a black man, George Floyd, came at the hands of law enforcement.

We have since seen thousands of peaceful demonstrators: first in Minneapolis, then across our nation, and even in different cities around the world. These demonstrators come from all backgrounds: Black, white, young, old, man, woman. They represent a diverse America, united against injustice.

Peaceful demonstrations are an American institution, and one the labor movement believes in to its core. We do not support any of the violence, destruction, and looting that we have unfortunately seen in cities across the country.

The UA has always stood strongly with those seeking civil rights, no matter what race, gender, religion, or who you choose as your partner. We will continue to speak out on the jobsite and on the street for all human beings to be treated equally, fairly, and justly.

America is a nation in real pain right now. It is long past time our elected officials, in all branches of government, stepped up to help us heal – no matter what political party they belong to or what state they represent.

We must not let destruction and unrest distract from both mourning George Floyd’s death and seeking the institutional change we need.

The members of the UA will continue to join citizens around the country in seeking change and standing up against injustice. Please join us to reflect and be a positive force for your family, your community, your union, and your country.

It has to start with all of us.

In memory of George Floyd.