Labor Action Network (LAN)


What is the LAN?

The LAN is a secure voter file system that tracks the voting habits and histories of AFL-CIO union members.  It allows us to do specific targeting to reach the members who we need to reach while excluding those we do not.  In other words, it helps us work smart and efficiently.  

What does the LAN do?

By using the LAN, we can create contact lists of UA members to be used for phone banks, door-to-door canvassing, and mailings.  Most importantly, we can target specific groups of voters such as independent voters, Democrats, or Republicans.   In addition, we can also contact those voters most and least likely vote.

What’s the purpose?

By being able to separate different voters into different groups (as mentioned above), instead of calling every member, we can target only those members who need to be contacted. We can tailor messages that will be most effective (persuasive) for that specific group.

For instance, if we are targeting independent (swing) voters, we will want to use a strong persuasive message to encourage them to vote for the UA-endorsed candidate as the targeting suggests they need the most persuasion.  In running a Get Out the Vote (GOTV) phone bank, we would want to target and prioritize voters who according to the targeting are 1.) very likely to support our UA endorsed candidate and 2.) not as likely to vote.


AFL-CIO MyVoters LAN User Guide